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Hmmm, what to say about me? I graduated from Smith College, and then I graduated from CalArts. I've worked for 10 years in the video game industry as an animator. I animate mainly on computer, using 2D and 3D programs.

I like animals a lot, particularly carnivores. Favorites are hyenas, viverrids, canines, and small wild cats. Striped hyenas, Pallas cats, genets, salukis, and corgis are probably my most favorite animals, but I can find beauty and fascinating details in just about any animal. My favorite tv channel is Animal Planet.

In addition to animals, I'm also interested in medieval life/history. I'm mainly interested in how the average person lived in medieval times, and I like castles. Tying into the medieval interest is a long-standing interest in fantasy, mythology, and folklore: elves, dragons, and other various fantastic beasts.

I like video games, my favorites being the Thief series by Looking Glass/Eidos and various Blizzard games. I also admire popcap.com games and Ferry Halim's orisinal.com site.

And last but not least, I love books, and have way too many for my own good.

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