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ArtNeedle-felted sculptures

Needle felting involves poking wool with a felting needle until it becomes felt. It's pretty time consuming- most of these sculptures take from 8-20 hours. For more information, go here.

These sculptures are available.
Jack the Boston Terrier

Please note: All of these sculptures have been sold.
Eira the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Siarl the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Cadfael the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Tiwlip the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Carys the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Olwydd the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Hamisi the African Wild Dog Bran the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Irbis the snow leopard
Telyn the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Olwyna Rhys Rogue the black cat Dai the Welsh Corgi Heulog the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Bronwen Pablo Eilwen Hyena Maelgwyn the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Gethin the Pembroke Welsh Corgi
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